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Discover our FW20 Sales. Modern and innovative clothing and accessories.
The style and elegance of the tailored cut combined with the practical side and innovation of the casual fashion world.

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The key item of the season ranges from the elegant to the informal model to meet all the needs of the contemporary man.
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Precious yarns and cutting-edge processes distinguish the brand specialized in quality knitwear.
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Exclusive fabrics, tailored cuts and a search for innovative style for Del Mare 1911 suits.
Emblem of experimentation, the invention of the suit with Silver Highplot technology aimed at protecting the wearer from electrosmog.

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Versatile and refined in fabrics and cut, outerwear satisfy the needs of every moment and situation.
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Del Mare 1911
A family. A brand.
For over 100 years, Del Mare 1911 has been conveying men’s fashion through the lens of its family’s tailoring experience.Their men’s clothing heritage spans centuries and is renewed generation after generation.
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FW20 Catalog
New shapes, proportions and textures: comfort and style without compromise.
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